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Vengeance of Egorius is a custom made 3.3.5a WOTLK PvP & PvE Project with Daily Quests, Custom Lore & Arena Systems and more which is set in "The Kingdom".

We are creating a Lore based realm, which is set in a completely custom map.

This project will appeal to your Hardcore Arena PvP players, along with Casual PvE players, as it is a mixture of both Vanity, Item Upgrades and Realm Progression.

  • Custom Map
  • Custom World Map & Minimaps
  • Custom Achievements
  • Custom Lore & Storylines
  • Custom Cutscenes and Cinematic
  • Custom Currency System
  • Custom Flight Paths
  • Transmogrification
  • NO Overpowered Items
  • NO Custom Items
  • Over 300+ Cata/MOP/WoD/Legion Mounts
  • Legion Artifact Weapon Transmogrification
  • Legion Artifact Druid Form Upgrades
  • Vanity and Visual Upgrades

Legion Artifacts

Legion Druid Forms

Custom Flight Paths

300+ Custom Mounts

We are trying to create something that has never been done properly before, and that is to create an Arena Tournament Style realm intertwined with fully scripted PvE content and best of all, its all completely optional, but it will greatly help you progress your character if you follow the content.

If you choose to do Arena and get high rating etc.. Also you will be able to progress your character that way, but there will also be exclusive rewards for people that complete the story line, and defeat Egorius (Coming soon)


Ysera and The Alliance have everything you need to put up a strong defence against the horde.


Nozdormu and The Horde have all the utensils you need to get yourself ready for battle against the Yserians.


Challenge players to duels, increace your rating and get armor upgrades at the Gladiator’s Hold

Character progression is done by either following the PvE content which consists of Scripted Daily Quests and Activities or with general PvP, BGs & Arena.

Upgradeable items will only be : Relentless to Wrathful, along with the highest Item Level being 264 to maintain balance in PvP.

We focus mainly on Visual character upgrades such as mounts, transmogs, pets and more so that there is minimal Pay to Win aspect!

Map Features

  • Free for All Arena
  • Custom Weekly Boss
  • Horde & Alliance Malls
  • Open World PvP Questing Areas
  • Timed FFA PvP Chest Events
  • Duel Zone with Cooldown Reset

PvP Features

  • 1v1, 2v2 & 3v3 Arena Available
  • Upgrade from iLevel 251 to 264
  • Crossfaction Battlegrounds
  • Arena Spectator
  • Arena Ladder
  • Anti Draw Arena System

PvE Features

  • Horde & Alliance Scripted Intro
  • Scripted Tutorial Questline
  • Daily Quest Zones
  • Quest Objective Locations
  • Every NPC is Scripted
  • 5 Man Mini Bosses
  • Updated Creature Models


The Horde and the Alliance are at loggerheads, but at the expense of the wildlife.

corrupted forest

The corruption is spreading to the Orcs. Take out the corruption before its too late!

ruin’s of

The Night Elves are under Seige by the Ogre’s, can you save the blessed land?


Neither the Horde or Alliance are free from the Ogre’s. Get rid of them once and for all.

We are combining lots of content from higher expansions such as Cataclysm/Mists of Pandaria/Draenor and Legion.

We also have Legion Artifact Transmogs, which will make your character look epic!

We currently have around 300+ Mounts from higher expansions.